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Diagnosis Options

Regular screening and eye examinations by your eye doctor would allow for glaucoma to be suspected in a patient. However, further tests could be done to confirm the development of glaucoma in a patient. Listed below are some of the tests that could be conducted.
Automated Perimetry Examination Complete field of vision The patient is asked to look straight ahead. Patient is asked to indicate when he or she is unable to see light beyond a certain point of his or her periphery vision. This allows the examiner to map the patient’s field of vision.
Optic Disc Photography Shape and colour of the optic nerve The pupil is first dilated using eye drops. The optic nerve is then magnified and examined.
Tonometry Fluid pressure of the eyes Eye is placed under local anaesthesia. Examiner uses a tonometer to messure the inner pressure of the eye through pressure applied by a puff of warm air.
Pachymetry Thickness of the cornea A pachymeter is placed gently on the front of the eye to measure its thickness.
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